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Jason, who has moved into the debt advice sector after spending 16 years in the world of investment banking, once worked for the collapsed Icelandic bank Landsbanki, so has good knowledge of debt problems and the devastating effects they can have.

I was a divorcee throughout my 30's and whilst I enjoyed single parenthood with two children my greatest concern for the future was that I hadn't established a solid career before becoming a parent.


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I decided to set up Confident ladies after going through some life changes myself and after each of these I was left thinking 'Ok, what do I do now?'



Marie (left) at the launch of her new business post redundancy


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I had worked in the Contract Cleaning Industry for the past 25yrs was not looking forward to my forthcoming retirement and thought the prospect of staying at home all day vegetating uninspiring.



Formerly an administrator for a large electronics company who are in the process of closing their Scottish operation, when redundancy was offered I seized this opportunity to pursue a complete change of lifestyle and leave the “9 to 5” world behind.


Having received tremendous support from family and friends and enlisting the help of a friend who is a florist and another with a flair for design, to make my jewellery look unique and tantalizing; draped from dried flowers and displayed on scattered rose petals, it's no surprise that my launch was such a success!


My greatest asset of the weekend had to be Michael Anderson, the son of my former colleague, who turned out to be a budding young future entrepreneur. Michael, pictured alongside myself in the photo, threw himself into the launch quickly learning all aspects of the trade from selling to pricing, to taking control of my credit card machine, party bookings and orders for particular pieces. I welcomed the challenge of being my own boss, and wanted to share my passion for jewellery with others and most importantly wished to reap the rewards of my own efforts.


My ambition got off to a flying start when I achieved a record breaking sale at my opening launch in August 2009!


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